Broken pdfinfo shipped with Zotero [fixed]

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To index and search PDF files within Zotero, you need the Xpdf tool pdfinfo. As it seems that most versions of pdfinfo are either not compatible with Zotero or broken otherwise, I decided to build it from scratch and provide it for download.

Somehow Zotero needs a slightly customzied version of pdfinfo, which is only available for download via the Zotero configuration dialog. Unfortunately, the actual version seems to be broken on some systems (e.g. Ubuntu Edgy). Therefore, I compiled pdfinfo by myself. You can download the binary if you experience similar problems (no warranty, use at your own risk!):

[UPDATE 2007/10/11]

The bug is already fixed and new binaries are provided. Nevertheless, if you still run into the described problems, it might be because the old file still exists in the Firefox cache. Clear the cache or alternatively get the file from: