My name is Steffen Müller and I’m lead software engineer at BackHub and /gebrüderheitz in Freiburg, Germany. I’m contributing to several open source projects, preferedly TYPO3 CMS. From 2013 to 2017 I was a member of the TYPO3 core team.

Others call me: skeptical perfectionist, Behavior-Driven Development addict and even IT security paranoid. I appreciate the spirit of free/open source software communities. All that gets reflected on twitter via @stmllr and on GitHub

At work…

My daily work covers:

Simplicity: Simpler means easier to understand, easier to maintain and less error-prone. Simplicity does not mean quick+dirty.

Requirement analysis: focusing on customer needs to build the right things - applying agile methods, like user stories, example mapping and rapid prototyping.

Consulting: Analysis and evaluation of software architecture and quality, for example structural code analysis, basic security audits and performance tests.

Planning: Creating technical concepts and deciding on tools, processes and approaches, for example Domain Driven Design.

Software Architecture & Development: Creating sustainable yet pragmatic solutions, based on object oriented software. Continuous refactoring and using design patterns are basic parts of that.

Quality assurance: Doing the things right - and doing the right things: Applied Test/Behavior Driven Development with Cucumber, Rspec, PHPUnit and Behat/Mink + Selenium, from unit tests over functional tests to full blown acceptance tests.

Continuous Integration: Fully automated Software Tests + Builds + Deployments using continuous integration services, deploy pipes and containerization with docker.

Infrastructure as code: Managing cloud services (AWS) with terraform.

Team lead and coaching: Enabling teams to successfully create and deliver software into the enterprise. I am a certified Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM-I).

Working mode: Mainly Scrum, remote and on-site, focusing and delivering the important things.

Open Source: TYPO3 community

The TYPO3 community teached me how to master software projects in the 21st century: Working remotely, asynchronously, in heterogenous constantly changing teams with changing requirement. Fixing real world issues.

My first contact with the TYPO3 community was in 2002. Many years later, in 2013, I became an official core team member with merge rights. In 2017 I stepped back from this role. I have been a member of the TYPO3 security team from 2004 to 2008 and 2013-2017. Last but not least, I am a reviewer of the TYPO3 developer certification program and maintain and develop several community extensions.

The Open Source CMS TYPO3 is my favorite tool for content management. It combines enterprise level features with a well networked, highly active and progressive open source community.