Use Foxmarks with your own server

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The synchronization of Firefox bookmarks on two or more computers is easy done with Foxmarks. Here are some suggestions on how use it without the use of the Foxmarks webservice.

I use Foxmarks to synchronize my bookmarks. You simply need to install a Firefox Add-on (Firefox 2.0 only!) and register yourself at to use their webservice. If you dislike the idea of storing your treasury on someone else's server, you can also use your own webdav environment for storage.

The bookmarks are encoded as JSON and stored as a single file. Fortunately, Stefan Macke (german!) now provides a PHP script to convert JSON to HTML to display your bookmarks on a website. Thank you, Stefan!



  1. Steffen

    The latest Version ( finally seems to be compatible with FF3!

  2. Steffen

    Since Foxmarks has fundamentally changed their policy and technology in version 3, I strongly recommend to use Mozilla Weave instead:

    Weave not only allows to synchronize bookmarks, but also all user setting. You can have your own server: