Slides and video of our talk at TYPO3 Conference (T3CON11) about Lazy development using the Extension Builder

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Here are the slides and a video of our talk about Lazy development using the Extension Builder. The talk was held together with Nico de Haen at the TYPO3 Conference 2011 in Hanau.

Extension Builder presentation at the TYPO3 Conference

In our talk, Nico de Haen and I introduced and described how the TYPO3 Extension Builder works. We focused on the modeler and the remodeling abilities which support extension developers following the Domain Driven Design approach. It was held at the TYPO3 Conference in Hanau on October, 7th of 2011. You can also find an abstract of the session at the conference website.

Presentation slides at slideshare

T3CON11: Lazy Development using the Extension Builder

Session Video

A video was taken by a team lead by Kasper Skårhøj.

Extension Builder Resources

The Extension Builder and it's documentation can be found in TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER) on A draft of the latest documentation is located in the TYPO3 wiki