Getting Things Done with Chandler

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To improve my productivity, I'm trying to follow David Allen's recommendations about "Getting Things Done". It now seems that I finally have found a piece of software which fits my needs. Chandler, the so called note-to-self organizer.

Inspired by the productivity session of Dmitry Dulepov at the TYPO3 Developer Days 2008, I decided to improve my personal workflow. In his speech, Dmitry referred to a book of David Allen called Getting Things Done. In spite of my usual aversion for pseudo psycho manage your life properly guides, I ordered the book.
Trying to apply my reading to real life, I soon realized one problem in my paperless home office: the software tools I was using were quite limited to apply Allen's propositions.
Today I stumbled upon a news article at T3N about Chandler. This note-to-self organizer seems to integrate the Getting Things Done concept. I have just finished the installation and my first impression is satisfactory:

  • The user interface looks intuitive and familiar with its three columns layout.
  • The clear use of colors gives you a quick overview about important actions.
  • Most important: I was able to recover the "do it, defer it, delegate it" pradigm at once.

The next days I'll try to find out how good it really fits my needs...