FLOW3 first alpha version released

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Robert Lemke just announced that the first public alpha version of FLOW3 has been released. A reason to celebrate!

FLOW3 is meant as the next generation PHP application framework, which will be the basis for the forthcoming TYPO3 version 5. It has now been developed for 2.5 years and finally reached an alpha state. You can find a feature list at the FLOW3 website.

I already got in contact with FLOW3 at T3DD09, listening to several talks about its architecture and components and playing a bit with the code. This milestone release comes just in time with Extbase, the forthcoming backport of the MVC pattern of FLOW3 for TYPO3 version 4.x.

I am very curious about the progress of these projects, since I am already infected by the new design patterns and programming paradigms. I also see more and more people testing and writing FLOW3 and Extbase stuff which makes me confident about its success. Still there is a lot of criticism and scepticism about FLOW3, especially the question of performance. Anyway this is a first alpha release and there's still enough time and code left to solve these problems.

Keep on with your good work!



  1. Whozman

    i hope typo3 5 will be nice