Extbase presentation at T3DD09

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The TYPO3 Developer Days have started yesterday. Today, the first talk is about Extbase by Jochen Rau and Sebastian Kurfürst. Extbase is meant to be a transition path from TYPO3 version 4 to FLOW3.

The MVC part of FLOW3 seems to be in a state with stable basic structures and ready-to-test implementations. Of course that does not mean that it is already usable in a production environment. But the ongoing activity on backporting the MVC aspects to Version 4 with Extbase is a promising sign.

Jochen and Sebastian have just introduced the basic principles which are realized in Extbase. Extbase is meant to be a new basis to create frontend extensions, which yet has been handled by pibase

Extbase promises to end writing spaghetti code which was common and sometimes unavoidable in pibase extensions. It tries to implement MVC pattern, dividing things into several logical layers.

The presentation is very inspiring, the concepts sound understandable and things are well visualized. Also Jochen is a great speaker who not only seems to know one's stuff but is also a very skilled teacher. The audience seems to be very interested, since a lot of discussion is going on.

The Extbase session will be follwed by an introduction to Fluid, the new templating engine which is going to be released wth Extbase. So far it looks very promising, making templating much more flexible and powerful than the marker based approach.



  1. amol bhandari

    hello sir i would like to inform you that i have created an extension in ext base where in i post a form .In this form i have submit button. now my requirement is i need another button say goto. so total der will be three buttons along with back button. now i have to distinguish which button i have clicked.Presently the "name" when i see through firebug i get blank for all the buttons and text field. My question is how do i put the name field though fluid so that i can distinguish which button i have clicked in the controller. my controller action is create . the function is executing perfectly. but since the new requirement is such that on submit and on click of goto two different queries should execute. how do i recognise which button is clicked. since name field is blank.

  2. Steffen

    Hi amol,

    please ask in the TYPO3-project-typo3v4mvc Mailinglist for help: