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TYPO3 sometimes drives me nuts. It happens that I come across cryptic function or property names, using them over and over again without having a clue, what its name stands for. t3lib_extMgm::addPItoST43() is one of them, although it is part of almost a billion TYPO3 extensions...

Not only that we have the optionSplit beast, but we are hunted by the magic number 43. And we add PI to ST number 43?!

Today, I had enough and tried to find out, what ST43 stands for. Finally, the source code documentation led the cat out of the bag:

  • Add
  • PI = Plugin
  • to ST = to Static Template
  • 43 = 43 is the uid of the static template 'content.default'

So the function name means: Add PlugIn to Static Template #43.

Now don't worry if you use css_styled_content instead of static templates: The docs promise it will work anyway.



  1. Michiel Roos

    This function couples the class to an entry in the 'list' also known as the cObject 'Insert Plugin'. The second parameter enables or disables cacheing of the plugin.

    You do not need to use this archaic function. You can also use the following code in your TS setup.

    includeLibs.tx_extension_pi = EXT:extension/pi/class.tx_extension_pi.php
    plugin.tx_extension_pi = USER
    plugin.tx_extension_pi {
    userFunc = tx_extension_pi->main
    tt_content.list.20.extension_pi =< plugin.tx_extension_pi